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Corporal Punishment Specialist

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Join The Governess and get to be a voyeur in her Corporal Punishment world. Thrill as she employs a variety of traditional Corporal Punishments to discipline a host of wayward adults, including domestic discipline, petticoat rule and old fashioned school punishment recreations. Shiver as you imagine yourself as the hapless recipient.

The Governess is a naturally domineering woman who rules with an iron fist. Watch as she spanks, canes and punishes those who do not obey the rules.

The cost is a measly 9 Euros for access for one year.



Declaration: The Governess advocates and engages in responsible, consensual and safe CP activities between consenting adults. All filmed scenes are clearly consenting adult role-playing games and psychodrama. All persons participating in The Governess’ are over 21 years old. All participants have a ‘Safe Word’ including non-verbal signs & hand alarms in order make sure they are happy & consenting throughout all the CP play activities.
The Governess takes child protection seriously, this site is labelled using the ASACP‘s Restricted to Adults rating systems recognised by parental filtering software to prevent minors accessing this site.